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Roofing Services from A-Z

Craft shouldn’t come at the cost of great customer service, and great customer service shouldn’t come at the cost of quality. With specialization in everything from residential to commercial roofing services, there’s nothing we can’t provide for you. 

Custom Options for Creative Combos

We have seen some incredible designs and builds for roofing and gutters over the years and have worked tirelessly to bring this variety to Roofs Over Texas. We walk you through all of the different options and provide easy to understand education so you can make the best choice for your home or business.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We started Roofs Over Texas because we know the frustration that can come from a project that either takes too long, isn’t done properly or costs too much. With our expert knowledge and high-quality materials, we’ve been able to live by a standard that makes sure your time, money, and most importantly satisfaction are all taken into consideration.